[Powerpoint:] Mouse motion, clicks and gesture mapping

Jun 19, 2013 at 11:38 AM

I just stumbled upon your LMC Add-ins for MSO and I am especially interested in the Powerpoint slideshow controller.

Using the PREV/NEXT slide gestures makes sense.

Additionally to that, it really makes sense to control the mouse, f.e. to click on hyperlinks, start or pause movie objects, use the mouse pointer as "pointing device" for the audience, etc.

There should be a unique mouse pointer action activation gesture, followed by finger movements to control and click the mouse.

And my personal wish list would also include kind of "gesture" mapping. F.e, if somebody wants to use the wipe gestures the other way round, then he could do so easily if you define certain gestures with key words and map then to actions in the registry or in an ini file.

Would be very happy to see further development on this project as it hold a lot of potential.